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Our Projects

We take pride in the work that we do and improve ourselves each day by pushing all necessary boundaries.

Marketogy - easily understand marketing

Get an overall look of your business efforts and create an actionable marketing strategy. Focused on your customer.

At Marketogy we develop the tools necessary to help business owners and entrepreneurs understand how to manage their resources effectively. After a dozen of failed businesses, Boka Eduard, the general manager of Demoki Interactive shares actionable advice on how to fail less often and make your business successful.

It all starts by creating a solid business & marketing strategy, identifying and finding your perfect customer and then applying the necessary tactics to make your customers succeed. Join our closed Facebook group for a lively connection.

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Melon Bites - nutrition in your pocket

Melon Bites is a project created around the healthy living mindset, focused on nutrition. The website application automatically creates personalized menus based on the individual characteristics of each person.

It started in 2017 in collaboration with nutrition enthusiasts with the purpose of helping people lose weight easier or maintain their health and become more organized with the everyday meals. It provides a full week of recipes, based on the number of calories and macro-nutrients.

We also focus on connecting local food markets and food businesses with users and creating a platform between nutritionists and people that need their services.


coPrinted - affordable prints, prime support

One of our biggest projects to date that saw the light of day. Launched in August 2012 it was meant to provide automatically generated printable files for any life event.

In the 5 year journey we discovered that we loved talking to people, offering them stellar support and providing the highest value for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

It was natural for the project to grow over the years and the focus of the business went towards the physical products: prints. This shift was caused by a variety of factors and we certainly had our ups and downs. If you want to get into the details of the project you can read the case study below.

Website   Etsy Shop   Case Study

Gilded Vector - work with marketing pros to build a brand logo that sticks

This project was born in 2016 as an approach to learning more about the Etsy marketplace. We've succeded to get a good grip on what it's all about: we've gained insight about the algorithm used in search, promoting items on Etsy with best results and setting up a complete shop tailored to customer needs.

In the shop we provide one of a kind proffesional logos that can be yours for a fraction of the price of a professional logo.

Although the shop could be much more successful in sales, we're focusing right now on other marketing ventures that are more scalable.

Website   Etsy Shop

AlpinMag - calitatea este un stil de viaţă

AlpinMag is a local shop for outdoor enthusiasts offering top of the line gear, provided by the leaders in their respective industries like Outdoor Research for clothing and Scarpa for shoes.

It is also our first attempt at an e-commerce website. We took it as a challenge and built the whole project in 3 weeks. This included the identity, graphic assets, theme customization, content, creating a few marketing strategies and a bit of Facebook promotion.

As our previous marketing efforts were geared toward the US, Canada, UK, Australia we wanted to explore the Romanian market, costs of promotion and engagement. The project is run now by our partners at Vanderbike Team.


Work2Flow - take back your business

One of our partners was in need of a solution to consistently and visually track the progress of his jobs. After building a solution for them that was used since 2009 the process and flow were perfected greatly.

Now we're bringing the same functionality to everyone that has a business and wants to manage their orders in an efficient and dependable way. The project is still in alpha phase while we're trying out different markets that could make good use of it to tackle their daily work.

Sign up on our waiting list below and we'll let you know as soon as the beta version is released. You'll get a chance to work together with us to chisel and perfect the product.

Awesome, we'll talk later!

Battle of Gods - turn based strategy game

Intially coined up in 2007 as a massive multiplayer online game with an exploration component similar to Diablo 2 in style, with a battle and settlement system similar to Heroes of Might and Magic, Battle of Gods was a massive success gathering over 10.000 active players in under a month.

Unfortunately because the team fell apart back then, we tried to revive the project in 2013. The idea was to keep the HOMM3 style battles and change the exploration interaction. Being new to game design we completely missed the mark on boosting the replay factor into the equation.

Although Steam Greenlight-ed, the project didn't gather enough traction for us to explore it further.